McCann Italy/Casa Do Menor

McCann Italy created a campaign to raise awareness of sexual abuse of children.

Why Pro Bono?

McCann Italy partnered with Casa Do Menor to help build awareness of the problem of sexually abused children.


Casa Do Menor is a charity which helps ill-treated and sexually abused children in Brazil. It provides hospital medical assistance and school education as well as temporary housing for these children. McCann Italy created a campaign to help broaden knowledge of Casa Do Menor, to increase awareness of sexual abuse of children and to raise money for the cause.

McCann Italy created a powerful campaign for the organization that included TV, print, online and outdoor. The campaign used hands as an important symbol representing abuse and the abuser to tell the story. The online campaign placed hands on the image of a child's body. In order to remove a hand, one simply had to click to donate to Casa Do Menor. The outdoor campaign spread images of hands around neighborhoods. Each hand had a tag with the Casa Do Menor web address on it. The agency also created a postcard where, using a coin, one can erase all the filthy hands from the child pictured.


In less than a week after the website was launched, many additional children were assisted by Casa Do Menor. After the campaign was launched, there was a 53% increase in visits to the Casa Do Menor website.

Stills from the Casa Do Menor TV spot

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