TD and Tierney Bring the Forest to the Concrete Jungle

A transformed TD Bank window on Fifth Avenue.

Tierney and TD Bank brought a virtual forest to life in the heart of New York City.


The Challenge

The financial industry consumes a substantial amount of paper through customer offerings and business operations.

While much of the paper that TD uses comes from recycled sources, in 2012, TD employees (and customers) acknowledged that they would like to use less paper and help protect our forestland.

As a result of this commitment, paper reduction became a pillar of the TD Forest program, which aims to protect vast acres of North American forests. TD promised to reduce its paper usage by 20% before 2015 (a reduction of more than 300 million sheets of paper per year). It was imperative to generate awareness of the initiative in the heart of TD Bank’s footprint: New York City.

How do you remind New Yorkers of the importance of our forest habitats when all they can see is miles of urban sprawl?

The Process

To ensure New Yorkers took notice of TD’s efforts, Tierney took the forest to New York. 

An entire TD Bank storefront window on Fifth Avenue was transformed into an interactive wall featuring a bucolic forest scene with life-sized forest animals.

As users interacted with the wall, an LED screen offered stats in relatable measurements such as “city blocks” to show just how much habitat is being protected through the initiative.

The virtual environment was complemented by iconic viewfinders, moved throughout the island for two months, allowing viewers to be transported from urban sprawl to the heart of the forest.

The message was further seeded through online banners and outdoor video displays placed strategically above high-traffic subway entrances.

In the end, each tactic encouraged viewers to take their own pledge and help protect our forests.

The Results

Both installations saw nearly 70,000 participants take a break from the cityscape and enjoy the beautiful woodlands and wildlife that TD is helping to protect.

The efforts quickly caught the eye of a number of respected communications outlets including AgencySpy, AdRants, Creativity and Global Innovation Report.



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