Human Traffic Signs

Working with client Buick of Shanghai General Motors, Lowe China has created a road safety campaign to alert drivers about obeying traffic signs. Lowe contacted real accident victims and invited them to participate in our campaign by holding up traffic signs at the spots where their accidents actually happened.


In China someone is injured in a traffic accident every three minutes, and every ten minutes, someone dies as result of one. Pedestrians and drivers failing to acknowledge and obey traffic signs is key to these tragic statistics.


As part of an overall road safety campaign by Buick, a live event was also staged on World Traffic Safety Day (April 7). Nine accident victims posed as human traffic signs at accident-prone areas during peak hour traffic, going viral immediately. "Signs are there for a Reason. Obey the rules."


  • 50,000+ views of the video in week 1
  • Generated huge discussion. Program was covered by CCTV and won 53 prizes in 14 major international and local awards (unpaid media RMB 4.8 mil.
  • Behavioral change: Intention to obey traffic signs increased from 35% to 72.6% after seeing the campaign. 
  • Dramatic improvement in Buick “Safety” and “Trustworthy” brand values (80+% vs 50% before). 
  • CCTV invited Buick to partner as social issue partner on road safety.

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