Campbell Ewald and the US Navy

Know thy target and become part of their world at every touchpoint.


To work with the US Navy to reach and engage the always-searching, always-consuming 18- to 24-year-old “digital native” target audience in order to raise awareness and consideration of the Navy as a career opportunity or college alternative.


Working with the Navy Recruiting Command (NRC), Campbell Ewald gets to know its Millennial target – gaining an understanding of who they’re talking to, what they want to hear and how they want to hear it.  The NRC and Campbell Ewald created multiple avenues for Millennials to engage and respond.

A marketing savvy audience, Millennials identify “sell” immediately and are only interested in authentic and relevant information — whether they’re shopping for toothpaste or college or career opportunities.

Campbell Ewald develops communications for the Navy that address multiple recruitment needs, including women, for the Navy’s traditionally male careers – Medical Officers, Chaplains, and Nuclear Engineers, all of whom respond to different information, delivery assets and response channels.

Social media provides space for honest, authentic and relevant engagements with Millennials where credibility and trust are built. Campbell Ewald manages 15 unique Facebook pages, a YouTube channel, a FLICKR collection, an iPhone App, and a robust website with Live Chat.


Since 2001, NRC has achieved General Enlisted recruitment goals for 115+ months.  Eligible lead rates surpassed 90% for Navy FY 2011, with NRC achieving Active Duty, General and Medical Officer, Navy Reserve, Nuclear Power, and Special Operations mission success.

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