IPG Joins Collectively to Encourage Millenials to Act on Climate Change

IPG and other top global brands have teamed up to form Collectively — an online platform dedicated to encouraging young people to take action against climate change.

Nearly 30 companies, many of whom normally compete with one another, have joined forces to fund Collectively. Rather than focusing on “doom and gloom” stories, the platform’s strategy is to inspire action by focusing on “passion points” such as innovations in fashion, food, design and technology.

As its name suggests, Collectively is inspired by the idea that working together, we can make an impact on issues like climate change.


As Keith Weed, the Chief Marketing Officer and Global head of Sustainability at Unilever noted when speaking with The Guardian,“as individuals we are powerless, but collectively we are powerful. People are moving away from thinking about my world, my family and my next door neighbour to our world.

“There are a number of companies involved that normally compete but if we don’t collaborate to build awareness, engagement and action, all our efforts on the supply side such as ending deforestation will not succeed.

“The fact companies involved are not natural bedfellows shows we are on the edge of something. There is a growing momentum among individuals, governments and companies that this is an agenda to address. We are coming together collectively to inspire a generation to think differently.”

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