FCB South Africa to Create Eco-civic Flag Visible from Space

FCB South Africa is planning to create a giant flag for South Africa that can be seen from space. The Giant Flag Project is designed to foster national pride and improve the lives of people in need, while also aiming to make a lasting impact on South Africa’s economy and environment.

The flag is expected to cover 165 acres of land and will be created using solar panels, cacti and succulent plants. In addition to the sheer magnitude of the project, the flag is designed to have an environmental impact. The solar panels will be able to power 4,000 homes and harvest rainwater, while the plants are expected to offset roughly 90,000 tons of carbon emissions annually. The initiative is expected to provide more than 700 jobs in the municipality, supporting tourism and hospitality (among other businesses) now and in the future.

The cost of the project is anticipated to be about $20 million with $2 million needed to begin the initiative. To cover the cost of the project, FCB South Africa has turned to crowd funding and corporate efforts.

Watch the video.

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