Axe and Lowe SSP3 Spread Peace in Colombia

In 2014, Axe launched the global campaign “Make Love, Not War.” Culminating in World Peace Day in September, the campaign created a platform for young people to come together to positively influence their communities. It ran in over 50 countries throughout 2014, and empowered young people to improve the world they live in through simple, yet powerful acts of love and peace. This included anything from raising money, donating time to good causes or being more positive towards the people around them.

Lowe SSP3 was tasked with taking the global Axe campaign and adapting it to a local movement relevant to Colombians. The result was The White Peace Book—a book that allowed young Colombians to voice their ideas, thoughts and opinions about how they imagine a world full of peace. Within 2 months, over 3,000 phrases were collected from around the country, impacting more than 10,000 people. The book that started with blank pages and gradually began to fill with ideas, thoughts and opinions about peace. It motivated young people to give their points of view about how they imagine a world full of peace.

“Make Love, Not War” gave Lowe SSP3 the opportunity to implement a global campaign for an important client while finding and promoting a cause that really inspired young people. Over 3000 phrases were collected in 2 months from all over the country, with a focus on places most vulnerable to war. The result is a book with the voices of thousands of young people and a legacy for future generations.

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