FCB and UTEC: A Winning Team Reunited

Talk about being a tough act to follow. FCB Mayo and BPN’s first campaign for UTEC not only used a billboard to draw drinkable water from humidity in the air, it also won a Gold Cannes Lion and brought potable water to folks in the Peruvian desert. Now, FCB Mayo and BPN are again working with UTEC, this time to help reduce the effects of pollution created by some of the building on the new UTEC campus.

UTEC wanted to advertise their new campus while helping to reduce the effects of pollution on the environment, workers, and residents. With the help of BPN and FCB Mayo, as well as smart engineering, UTEC was able to come up with a solution that both advertises their new campus and helps clear the air. They developed a billboard that filters impurities out of the air—cleaning about 100,000 cubic meters of air a day, roughly equivalent to what 1,200 trees would do.

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