Mnet’s Smartphone App Helps Emergency Responders and Saves Lives

To provide more timely communication during natural disasters, Mnet developed INCSnap, a first-of-its-kind smartphone solution in partnership with Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES). Incident Snap, or INCSnap, to date has played a critical role in saving many lives and billions in property.

The need for timely and accurate information during major disasters is nothing new, and has always been a core objective of emergency service organizations. QFES’ problem was that Emergency Response staff had only limited access to official communication tools used for incident response assessment, coordination and management. This meant that information was sometimes gathered in an ad-hoc fashion, particularly in the critical early stages of first-response activity, with staff resorting to using any means available (including personal devices) to capture images, video and data related to emergencies. Using personal devices was neither centralized nor secure and could lead to sensitive images ending up in the wrong hands.

INCSnap is a smartphone app with an intuitive user interface. It enables QFES staff to efficiently capture, deliver, aggregate, manage and disseminate first-response data, images and video. Every incident, image or video captured receives an automatic geo-stamp and time-stamp, and is linked to the user’s individual ID. Collected data is then sent over a secure encrypted link and disseminated via the rules established by the emergency response office.

INCSnap has set the benchmark for efficient and effective communication during the initial stages of disaster response. Emergency response staff are better equipped to document critical incident information efficiently. What’s more, there is no additional training required to use INCSnap – due to its simple and intuitive interface. INCSnap’s use is mandatory for all 2,100 QFES first responders, and will be rolled out to an additional 37,000 emergency volunteers.

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