McCann Fires Back (Again!) Against Gun Violence

In a follow up to its hugely successful video created for Evolve to combat gun violence, McCann New York has created a new print campaign that builds on the premise in the original work. You may remember “Playthings” which went viral (for obvious reasons!) soon after it was posted. And its powerful message about promoting gun safety was heard far and wide.

Working with Evolve to further its mission of creating a conversation about responsible gun ownership and the safe storage of firearms, McCann New York created the new print which shows kids having a ball with nontraditional "toys” –illustrating the point, "if they find it they'll play with it.”

In addition to the huge buzz created by the work, it is sparking debate and conversations on both sides of the fence. According to Sean Bryan, McCann New York’s Co-Chief Creative Officer, “the campaign is resonating with moms, and surprisingly, with people on both sides of the gun debate. Who knew that the key to becoming the ‘third voice’ in the gun discussion in America was letting children handle things they really shouldn’t!”

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