IPG Sponsors 3% Conference

IPG recently sponsored the national meeting of The 3 Percent Conference in San Francisco. The 3 Percent Conference aims to build a case for female creative leadership in advertising agencies. When the organization was founded in 2012, only 3% of women held Creative Director positions. Today, that number has risen to 11%. IPG is the first holding company to sponsor the conference.

“IPG’s sponsorship of the conference makes perfect sense,” noted Michael Roth, IPG’s Chairman and CEO, who hosted a CEO luncheon at the 3% Conference. “We strive to be among the world’s most diverse companies both because it’s the right thing to do, and because it’s a smart business decision. Women represent purchasing power of over $5 trillion in the US and about $20 trillion globally – and we are a company whose job is to market our clients’ brands. In order to reach our consumer base, women must be well-represented at the senior-most creative levels,” he continued. “What’s more, our diversity is an important tool for recruitment and helps make us an employer of choice in the ongoing war for talent.”

In addition to its national meeting, The 3 Percent Conference hosts a number of road shows around the country. MRM//McCann hosted the 3 Percent Road Show in Salt Lake City this year. Utah was a significant stop as only 4.8% of Utah CEOs are women—10% lower than the national average. Utah also has the fourth biggest wage gap in the country, with women making only 70% as much as men do in equal positions.

The conference drew more than 200 attendees, with the largest male showing of any previous road show held by The 3 Percent Conference.

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