FCB Garfinkel Helps Bring Light to Sub-Saharan Africa

FCB Garfinkel has released a beautifully animated video for MPOWERD™’s inflatable Luci® light that takes the viewer through the journey of a young boy, showcasing just how important access to light is. Without light, the young child is unable to study and improve his education.

Luci is an easy-to-use, high-quality solar lantern and task light that is lightweight, maintenance-free, safe and waterproof. It is a high-impact and low-footprint resource to increase access to reliable lighting across the globe. Luci increases savings by reducing dependence on costly kerosene, improves education by allowing children to study safely at home, improves safety by acting as a guide while walking through dark areas, enhances health and quality of life by lessening the damage caused by indoor air pollution caused by burning kerosene or bio-fuel for light, prevents fire hazards and protects the environment by reducing CO2 emissions caused by burning harmful and non-renewable fuels.

The purpose of the video is to bring attention to the subject of energy poverty. Each year, indoor pollution from dirty fuels results in four million deaths. Across sub-Saharan Africa, 90 million primary students are without electricity. The video tells the story of a little boy, Kiama, on his journey to and from school. Kiama, like many children, has big dreams that are inspired by education and reading. As Kiama heads home, has dinner with his family and settles in, so does the sun, which causes Kiama’s world to go dark. The lack of access to light means Kiama, like millions of other children, cannot study at night, read or do his homework. Enter Luci, the solar powered light. The video ends with the message “no one’s story should end just because the sun sets” and encourages viewers to send a Luci to households like Kiama’s by visiting mpowerd.com/give.

MPOWERD™, a fast-growing consumer goods company, seeks to do well by doing good. MPOWERD is working to make an impact in the developing world and retailers can help this important mission of addressing energy poverty by carrying Luci® lights in their stores and by sharing the newly released video to spread the word. Customers who purchase Luci lights at retail help make a positive impact worldwide by supporting a new kind of company that develops products to address real and critical need. They can also give Luci lights directly to those living in energy poverty (1.4 billion worldwide) through MPOWERD’s online Give Luci program (www.mpowerd.com/give) which allows customers to give one light for $14.99 and additional lights for only $9.99. Gifted lights are distributed to communities in need through one of MPOWERD’s Give Luci NGO partners.

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