FCB Chicago and Valspar Bring Color to the Colorblind

Working with Valspar Paint and Enchroma, FCB Chicago launched #ColorForAll, an initiative that helps provide glasses that allow the colorblind to see color. The film that documents the program, “Color for the Colorblind,” explores the stories of colorblind individuals who get to see color for the first time using these new glasses.

Valspar Paint and FCB aimed to encourage people to appreciate color to its fullest. According to FCB Chicago Chief Creative Officer Todd Tilford, "Color blindness is a physical condition without a cure – our biggest challenge was to keep searching and believing we could find a solution. We found Enchroma, a company that was developing glasses that allow colorblind people to see color for the first time. So we contacted them and started working together."

In addition to the film, the campaign includes a social push, #colorforall, which encourages those with colorblindness to submit their own stories. Some of those who participate will receive EnChroma glasses from Valspar. In addition, visitors to The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago will receive glasses to allow them to most fully experience the art on display.

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