GIFTS OF FREEDOM – Lowe-SSP3 Continues its Work Motivating Guerillas to Demobilize

After four years of successful Christmas campaigns that have won more than 100 awards and have seen the demobilization of 929 guerrillas, the Colombian Ministry of Defense launched its fifth consecutive campaign to invite rebels to lay down their weapons and return to society.

Interviews with former guerrillas revealed that before they left they were full of doubts about their future and what their next steps would be. The only ones who could alleviate this doubt were other guerillas who had successfully demobilized.

Working with the Ministry of Defense, Lowe-SSP3 decided to find some of the 929 demobilized guerrillas and ask them about their demobilization. Their stories became short films and their gifts were the evidence of a new life to convince others to demobilize as well. Those short films were screened in conflict areas where guerrillas have been for years, motivating an additional 252 individuals to demobilize this past Christmas.

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