FCB Brasil Partners with HP to Help Find Missing Persons

Every year, roughly 200,000 people go missing in Brazil. Posters put up in authorized locations are the primary means for helping find them. With the goal of increasing the dissemination of these posters, FBC Brasil is developing the Print for Help project for HP in partnership with Associação Mães de Sé/ABCD. The initiative avails itself of HP’s ePrint technology, featured in over 1 million printers around the world. This technology allows print jobs to be sent from anywhere and will provide an exponential increase to the NGO’s reach throughout the country.

Associação Mães da Sé has found 4,232 missing persons over the last 19 years. The project intends to use the tens of thousands of connected HP printers to create a major solidarity network in order to distribute information about missing people. Anyone who has an HP printer with ePrint technology can visit www.imprimaparaajudar.com.br to sign up and join the initiative.

“The idea is to use HP technology in a new way to make it easier and more convenient for people to help,” says Joanna Monteiro, Creative VP at FCB Brasil. “The Print for Help project started with a very simple idea: employing HP technology in the service of hope,” concludes Max Geraldo, Creative VP at FCB Brasil.

Associação Mães da Sé will use geolocation to pinpoint users and automatically send to their printers posters of people who have gone missing in their region. The project will increase the chances of finding missing persons by printing hundreds of new posters in just a few minutes and extending the range of the information to cover places where family members cannot normally put up posters.

"Print for Help" started with a very simple idea -- employing HP technology in the service of hope."

—Max Geraldo, Creative VP at FCB Brasil

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