IPG Mediabrands APAC and NEA Fight Dengue Fever in Singapore

Dengue, a mosquito-borne tropical disease caused by the dengue virus, saw an alarming rise in 2014. From a seemingly low rate of infection, Singapore saw an exponential rise to a record high of 891 cases in a week – the highest ever number of cases.

IPG Mediabrands APAC worked with The National Environment Agency (NEA) to develop a campaign to spread awareness and motivate immediate action for dengue prevention. The team set out to go beyond awareness to activation — aiming to bring dengue infections down in just over 12 weeks.

TV spots and print ads featured real-life dengue volunteers, who shared why and who they were fighting for, and invited more to join the fight against dengue. Mediabrands also created a campaign device called the Red Dengue Pin-drop, to spotlight outbreak areas.

Marketing activation, community outreach, volunteer efforts and work from the NEA began to pay off. By the 8th week of the campaign, dengue rates were down 50% below the peak of 891. By week 18, dengue rates fell to an all-time year low of 215.

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