R/GA Spreads Love Has No Labels Message to Mexico

At the invitation of the American Consulate in Guadalajara, Mexico, R/GA was invited to speak about the Love Has No Labels (LHNL) campaign. Launched earlier this year in cooperation with The Ad Council, this highly awarded and heavily viewed campaign promotes diversity, inclusion and acceptance.

The Mexican tour included four lectures as well as an appearance at a Pride street fair—all dedicated to sharing the message of diversity and inclusion. The audiences of the lectures included:

  • El Diario de Colima, an audience made of up journalists
  • Colima State Committee for Sexual Diversity, an audience made up of state employees representing different governmental organizations charged with promoting diversity and inclusion throughout Jalisco, Mexico
  • A presentation sponsored by CLADEM, a feminist cooperative, which included guests from the Mexican prosecutors office and activists promoting the rights of disabled Mexicans
  • A presentation sponsored by CODISE, an LGBT cooperative
  • During a major street fair, R/GA had a booth on Avenida Chapultepec, where volunteers promoted the message of LHNL and took over 500 Polaroids of diverse couples. Each couple wrote their own personal message on the photo and the photos were then displayed publicly. Over 1200 people stopped by the booth to take photos, pick up LHNL stickers, postcards, tattoos and bumper stickers.

“Love Has No Labels” is the second most viewed social and community activism ad of all time and won more Cannes Lions than any Ad Council ad has ever won. The work won eight lions including a gold and two silvers in Direct, a silver in Outdoor, a bronze in Titanium and Integrated and three more bronzes in Cyber.

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