FCB Brazil and Nivea Teach Kids About Sunburn with the Nivea Doll

Protecting children while on the beach is at the heart of NIVEA Sun Kids’ philosophy. Parents often struggle to snag their excited children long enough to properly apply sunscreen, so how do you teach a young child the importance of wearing sunscreen? Through the use of toys! 

To educate children on UV protection, Nivea and FCB Brazil created the Nivea Doll—a doll made out of UV-sensitive material. When the doll is exposed to the sun without sunscreen, its skin quickly turns red—instantly depicting the harmful effects of the sun. To reduce the redness, a dollop of Nivea sunscreen turns the doll’s skin back to its normal shade.

“The NIVEA Doll combines fun at the beach with skincare education. It also helps a brand that has been around for a hundred years create an emotional relationship with new generations,” says Max Geraldo, creative VP for FCB Brazil.

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