GGH Lowe’s “Nazis Against Nazis” Scores Big at Cannes

GGH Lowe and Grabarz & Partners joined forces to develop “Nazis Against Nazis,” which turned out to be among the most awarded campaigns at Cannes this year. The campaign tricked neo-Nazis into raising thousands of euros for anti-extremist charity.

For the past 15 years, EXIT-Germany, the opt-out program for neo-Nazis, has been successfully helping right-wing extremists leave the neo-Nazi scene. Despite their important and informative work, the organization struggles to attract attention and donations. GGH Lowe and Grabarz & Partners were tasked to work with the organization to support neo-Nazis resistance.

For more than 20 years in the small town of Wunsiedel in Upper Franconia, neo-Nazis have marched on the town. This year, GGH Lowe and Grabarz & Partner made the neo-Nazis’ “funeral march” the most involuntary sponsored walk in Germany. The agencies worked with EXIT-Germany to create a sponsored walk that raised money for every meter that the Neo-Nazis walked. The money raised went to support EXIT-Germany’s work against fascism.

The Nazis were only informed about the campaign and their “involuntary” participation once the walk started. In addition to the fundraising component, GGH Lowe also helped turn the somber mood of the march on its head by using colorful, funny decorations throughout the march. In addition to a huge impact on social media, the walk also raised €10,000 for EXIT-Germany. The campaign was also among the most awarded at this year’s Cannes Festival, coming away with 12 Lions in all.

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