AREA 23 and Be the Match Aim to Expand the Bone Marrow Registry

For people diagnosed with blood cancer, a bone marrow transplant is often their only hope for survival. Unfortunately, 70% of people don’t have a donor match in their family and depend on individuals in the donor database to come to their rescue. With only 1 in 500 registrants who will ever actually go on to donate, expanding the registry gives more patients hope for salvation.

To increase the size of the National Bone Marrow Database, Be the Match and AREA 23 teamed up to host a donor registration drive at New York Comic Con. The drive called, “The Hero Gene,” will take place from October 8-11. Attendees will participate in cheek swabs to find out if they have “The Hero Gene,” and demonstrate a commitment to help save lives threatened by blood cancer.

For more information on how to become a donor, check out

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