Safepoint Trust LifeSavers

Children around the world in developing countries were contracting HIV through contaminated reusable syringes. Marc Koska, the inventor of the K1 single-use syringe -- the LifeSaver -- and founder of SafePoint Charity, had been trying to convince the healthcare profession to move from standard syringes to auto destruct syringes for 30 years with relatively little impact. He came to McCann Health to help him convince the World Health Organization that this syringe should be adopted globally.

Health workers saw syringes as a commodity and the drugs inside them as the important part. Governments and manufacturers saw a switch to re-usable syringes as unimportant.

McCann Health created The LifeSaver campaign which encapsulated the need for the auto-destruct syringe and placed arguments in front of decision makers and influencers in simple graphic form to change the way drugs are administered. This powerful, creative and impactful work resulted in a change in behaviour as well as a change of policy.

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