Kibon - Raise the Roof


The neighborhood of Favela de Alemão was an environment without much investment by advertisers in the form of out-of-home media. Plagued by urban strife, it was considered one of the most dangerous places in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The government worked to change the dynamics in the favela, investing in a war against gangs - which proved successful, and ultimately peace was restored. 

The change meant the ice cream brand Kibbon saw an opportunity to enter the neighborhood and engage consumers for the first time in many years. 


In the favelas you can't simply demand respect – you earn it. It’s not about forcing people to take notice with a big advertising campaign, it’s about making a real difference to people’s lives.


Kibon began sponsoring the Alemão Cable Car in 2012, paying for the upkeep of this vital link between the slum and the city and helping the 150,000 inhabitants go about their daily lives.

In 2014, the brand came to us to help them leverage the sponsorship to increase brand awareness. We needed to generate more interest in the attraction to drive footfall, while also being extremely mindful of the location and local community. First and foremost, we wanted to celebrate what the cable car means to the people and where better to see the celebration than from the cable car itself?

We launched "Raise the Roof," an art exhibition held on the rooftops of the Favela, and only visible from the cable car. We ran workshops by celebrated artists with the local people, who in turn were involved in creating the works that were to be displayed on their own rooftops. 


The Favela de Alemão cable car became the most visited tourist attraction in Rio de Janeiro, beating both Sugar Loaf Mountain and Christ the Redeemer for weekend visits.

What's more, we saved an estimated $909,000 on free "rooftop" media.

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