McCann Valley Brings Opportunities to the Negev

Hana Rado, COO McCann Israel and Chairwoman of McCann Valley, is very well respected in the advertising business. Still, back in 2011, when she came up with the idea of moving a major branch of McCann Tel Aviv to the middle of the Negev Desert, she was met with surprise and doubt. But that didn’t stop her. Four years later, McCann Valley, the agency she founded, is headquartered in the Negev Desert town of Mitzpe Ramon and is a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Rado and her team are credited with bringing employment opportunities to Mitzpe Ramon, an isolated town known for high levels of unemployment, negative growth and low wages. McCann Valley currently employs 35 individuals and is aiming to increase that number to 120 employees by 2017. And McCann’s success in Mitzpe Ramon is encouraging others to move in as well -- organizations including the Jewish National Fund (JNF) of the UK are now bringing offices to the town which has historically suffered from negative growth. In December 2015, the cornerstone for their new building was laid, and they were honored to celebrate with JNF UK, vital contributors to the renovation of the building.

While Rado and her staff initially recruited from Tel Aviv, where McCann’s main Israeli office is headquartered, an integral part of McCann Valley's vision is to give back to the community and strengthen relationships with local residents. In an effort to increase hiring of local residents, McCann Valley runs a programming course for Mitzpe residents, and any participant who wants to work for McCann Valley gets preferential treatment. Additionally, McCann Valley contributes to the local community via municipal taxes and income for local suppliers.

McCann Valley also operates a yearly course for students at the local high school. The course, "Advertising as a Tool for Social Change," is taught by McCann Valley's employees specializing in areas that include strategy, copywriting art and social media. As part of the course, the students produce small campaigns related to social change in Mitzpe Ramon and the surrounding area. They build a strategy, do copywriting, produce a poster and set up a Facebook page.

Rado hopes that McCann Valley will continue to serve as a magnet to attract additional ventures to Mitzpe Ramon, and will spur the creation of economically feasible businesses in other remote areas of the country, such as Yeroham, Beersheba and Eilat.

According to Rado, ”Mitzpe Ramon has something that doesn't exist anywhere else in the world: the beautiful, subtle landscape; the little things that transform the desert into an astonishing artwork; clean air; quiet. The chaos of the city simply doesn't exist there.

"We're making the desert bloom,' in the truest sense of the phrase. If another 1,000 families come, they can change the fate of Mitzpe Ramon dramatically."

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