FCB Inferno and Sport England Create Video That Goes Viral

FCB Inferno worked with Sport England, a government body in support of grassroots sports, to create an integrated campaign that would encourage girls and women across England to participate in exercise.

Two million fewer women than men participate in exercise regularly in England, despite 75% of them wanting to exercise more. One of the reasons for this is that girls and women face a diverse range of barriers to exercise, which are not exclusive to a particular age or even life stage. At the core of almost all barriers lies the fear of being judged: about appearance, ability or simply spending time exercising.

In order to liberate women from the judgment that traps them and to change both their feelings and behavior, Sport England needed to spark a realization that these women were not alone. The idea was to inspire them with the confidence needed to push through their fear of judgment, and support them with inspiration on a range of activities. It doesn’t matter how you exercise, the brilliant thing is that you’re doing it.

The campaign was a huge success, with over 7.5 million combined views of the 90- second film in less than 72 hours, over 81,000 shares, 56,600 fans on Facebook, and quickly becoming a trending topic on Twitter and Google. In addition to the extensive publicity the campaign’s attracted on social media, it received a large amount of press coverage including The Today Show, BBC Breakfast News, BBC London, BBC Sport, Good Morning Britain and Sky Sports, to name a few. It also garnered international success as well as recognition from celebrities, large brands and charities.

The most important result was that it was making a positive difference in people’s lives and closing gender gap of 2 million fewer women who weren’t exercising. Women began posting selfies after exercising, saying that the ad motivated them to get out and do it.



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