MullenLowe LOLA Helps Alzheimer’s Patients Using Football

In 2012 MullenLowe LOLA  was hired to launch a new magazine, Líbero, in the Spanish-speaking market. Líbero is a mix of football (soccer), culture, style and history, and the agency built a campaign around the concept, “If you explain it with football, they understand.” The first series of TV spots were pure comedy and made of fun of how stereotypically, men can only understand certain situations if explained with soccer terms.

In 2014, an investigation by the Autonomous University of Barcelona proved that talking about soccer helps people with Alzheimer's and dementia by improving their memory, attention and mood. This paved the way for the “Football vs Alzheimer’s” campaign. MullenLowe LOLA took this learning and the strategy from its earlier campaign and applied it to a campaign that could have a positive impact on the lives of those living with Alzheimer’s.

The agency first created four editions of the magazine whose look, feel and content all appear to have been created decades ago – to serve as therapeutic tools full of memorable moments in football history with exercises designed to stimulate Alzheimer’s patients’ memories. The magazines were delivered to Alzheimer’s treatment centers in Barcelona for specialists to use. While working with the magazines, patients remembered names, goals and many fond moments from their younger years.

Once the magazines were created, placed and being used in therapy with positive results, the agency added other elements to the campaign including a website and video, with the ultimate goal of using this therapy in every Alzheimer’s center in Spain and in individual homes. MullenLowe LOLA is also developing a custom tool that allows users to create a personalized magazine for any patient or family member by inserting important data (name, birthdate, favorite teams and players). An algorithm then generates a relevant and useful digital version of the magazine. Finally, MullenLowe LOLA is creating an online radio station that will broadcast re-transmitted historical soccer games, replete with historical commentary and ads.

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