Ensemble Enables Consumers to Create Their Own Kit Kats

Ensemble had an amazing opportunity to modernize the iconic Kit Kat bar, but to do this, they had to convince the brand to go where it had never gone before. This meant we too had to learn a new skill – the art of making chocolate.

The concept was a pop-up store where consumers became creators. The Kit Kat Studio was a delicious testing ground of new flavors and a brand first that gave fans the personal VIP experience with a say on everything from flavors to design to naming their masterpiece. There were close to 16,000 unique Kit Kat combinations. 

What would you go for? Milk or dark chocolate? Fragrant pink rose petals or lightly salted caramel popcorn? Maybe both?

The Ensemble activations team created a compact space, which housed a visible working kitchen and a beautiful front of house chocolatier display. The digital development team kicked in with a bespoke point of sale system that facilitated the personalization and payment process. And the creative team followed up with a delicious visual identity covering everything from bench-tops to online buttons.

There were close to 13,000 custom creations and just over 13,700 special edition Kit Kats sold in five weeks. That’s close to 800 Kit Kats a day!

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