McCann Lima and LAN Airlines Peru Give Children the Flight OF Their Dreams

McCann Worldgroup Peru has partnered with LAN Airlines Peru to publicize an initiative that gives the poorest children of Peru a chance to fly for the first time and enjoy a free trip to Lima, the country’s capital. The campaign, “Kids that dream, kids that fly,” was initiated in 2011 and has reached over 350 children, giving them the opportunity to visit the capital city while offering their first experience in an airplane.

McCann Lima has created a TV commercial, “Mariela's Dream," about a little girl from Cusibamba, Cusco, a tiny, remote Andean mountain village. Mariela’s dream is to sing among the clouds. Mariela gets her chance when she flies from the remote countryside to Lima. In the TV commercial, Mariela’s entire village turns out to see her off on her journey.

“We were looking to introduce this program to the general audience, through a positive and motivational message,” says Mauricio Fernández Maldonado, chief creative officer of McCann Lima. “Because, while sometimes it seems that a dream can never come true, if you believe in it, and won't let it go, you will always find a couple of wings that can help you reach your dreams; and, to do so, what better wings than LAN's?”

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