McCann’s FP7/Cairo and Unilever Support “I Am My Veil”

Ninety percent of Egyptian women are veiled. Their veil is solemn and important, carrying with it religious significance – it is also a key part of their identity as women and as individuals. But, despite being a majority, these women are often treated as a minority, even by brands; Egyptian brands do not show veiled women in their advertising.

As one of the leading voices in the region, McCann’s FP7/Cairo, along with client, Unilever, have launched an initiative called, “3ala rasy,” which means, “I Am My Veil,” to empower veiled women in Egypt. “I Am My Veil” is changing how veiled women see themselves, turning an icon of restriction into one of empowerment. To create this initiative, FP7 partnered with Facebook in Egypt and developed a film that has garnered 5.3 million views and become of the most watched and talked about pieces of content on social medial across Egypt.

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