Area 23 and Mollies Fund Urge Parents to Protect Children from Melanoma

Area 23 worked with Mollie’s Fund to create a PSA titled “Mr Sun” to educate parents on the importance of protecting their children and avoiding the tragic loss of life caused by over exposure to the sun. The spot is a follow up to last year’s highly awarded social media campaign, “Free Killer Tan.”

To get parents to protect their children, “Mr. Sun” takes a novel approach. Instead of starting with a sunburn and depicting its consequences, the PSA opens with a young woman on her deathbed. It then plays in reverse as we watch her come back to life and then follow back in time to an innocent moment from her childhood, when she was unprotected in the sun. Underneath the PSA is a haunting rendition of “Mr. Sun,” a beloved song from the childhood of the parents the PSA is intended for.

“Starting with a sunburn and showing its consequences has proven largely ineffective,” said Area 23 Creative Director, Elliot Langerman. “We believe parents will find greater resonance and relevance in this telling of the story, particularly the final image. By closing on a young, innocent girl instead of a cancer patient, we allow viewers to draw the connection to the people in their own life. Hopefully this inspires them to take action while there is still time.”

The inspiration behind the PSA is the alarming statistic that just five sunburns can increase the risk of melanoma by 80 percent. And that children under the age of 15 are particularly at risk.

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