Virgo Health and Novartis Focus on Advanced Breast Cancer

"Here & Now" focuses on what it is like to be a woman with an advanced form of breast cancer (ABC). Making the invisible visible, the campaign sensitively highlighted the important role played by these women in society at the end of their lives, shifting perceptions and changing policy. The campaign continues to demonstrate that PR can lead the way in translating human insights into compelling creative concepts that have impact and longevity and ultimately help those in greatest need.

Through a series of creative and thought-provoking activities, "Here & Now" aims to raise awareness of advanced breast cancer and the realities of living with the disease, in order to improve the level of care and support available. 

"Here & Now" uncovers new insights into the impact of ABC, to better understand how barriers to optimal patient care can be overcome in order to improve the level of care and support.

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