KRC Partners with OPEC on First Global Stakeholder Audit


The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is a high-profile international organization with the mission of coordinating the petroleum policies of its member countries.  At a time of increasing oil prices and intensifying environmental concerns, OPEC lacked reliable information on how key audiences viewed them or their issues.

To fill this gap, OPEC engaged KRC Research for its first global stakeholder image audit.  The objective was understanding perceptions of OPEC and the energy industry, as well as opinions on key issues facing the industry.  Findings from the research were expected to guide future communications activities.


KRC Research worked with OPEC to build a unique database of opinion leaders in eight countries (the United States, France, Germany, Italy, China, India and Japan), including legislators, oil industry experts, journalists covering energy issues, and relevant NGO leaders.  Using this database to recruit respondents, we conducted a survey that measured current perceptions and priorities regarding fossil fuels, the environment, and OPEC itself.  The survey also assessed reactions to additional information and messages that OPEC could communicate. 

Parallel to the opinion leader survey, KRC also conducted surveys in each of the eight countries among consumers, to help OPEC understand the differences between public and elite opinion.


The research provided OPEC with new and unique data on how they and their issues are perceived, as well as direct guidance on messages.  OPEC is using research findings to guide on-going communications planning, strategies and tactics.  The research also provided a benchmark from which OPEC can track awareness and perceptions over time.

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