Commonwealth//McCann and Chevrolet Encourage Safe Driving for Teens

Above all else, parents of teens worry about their children driving safely. It’s a leading cause of parental stress and, with more than 360,000 teens across the United States becoming eligible for their restricted license this August alone, a top concern.

Our Commonwealth//McCann Detroit team aims to show how Chevrolet’s new Teen Driver Technology can help alleviate that concern. The team invented a spot, “Generations,” along with other digital video assets showcasing parents, teens and the engineer behind this industry-first-in-vehicle feature. Our team’s goal? Show consumers that the all-new Chevrolet Malibu is the perfect car for teens ... and their parents.

In “Generations,” the team used the effective “Real People, Not Actors” focus group concept to illustrate just how effective Chevrolet’s new safety technology is, demonstrate how Teen Driver Technology gives parents a window into their child’s driving habits, and show how it opens a door to discuss best (and safest) practices.

The spot shows real teens driving with Teen Driver Technology enabled, then watching the footage with their parents in tow. Each family’s candid reaction tells the story, as the parents react to their kids’ driving habits and the teens agree that the new feature will encourage them to drive more mindfully. Then, there’s another twist: The parents also got to drive the new Malibu, and they were also recorded. And THEIR parents arrive to see how they did.

“Generations” cleverly shows how Chevrolet’s Teen Driver Technology helps support safe driving practices by sharing a universal truth: Parents will always worry about their kids, no matter how old they get. And with Teen Driver Technology, parents can relax – at least a little bit.

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