McCann Torre Lazur Takes on Suicide Prevention

McCann Torre Lazur (MTL) has taken on suicide, the third leading cause of death among youth. The agency has launched the third year of #worthliving, a multi-faceted campaign aimed at this ongoing problem.

MTL has partnered with the Ideas Foundation, a UK-based organization that seeks out and nurtures creatively gifted young people. The Ideas Foundation's partner schools were offered the opportunity to pitch concepts for the best way to reach their peer group with messaging about suicide.

Working with the Ideas Foundation, McCann Torre Lazur landed upon the idea of “thought notes,” – virtual and actual orange sticky notes – that young people could use to start conversations about suicide and mental health. The MTL team also built a web landing page based on this idea, and social media will follow. The team’s goal is to break the Guinness World Record for the largest online album of handwritten notes.

The campaign was initially begun on World Suicide Prevention Day in 2014 with the launch of the hashtag #worthliving and a single tweet. It quickly surpassed expectations by generating more than 18 million social media impressions around the world, with individuals sharing personal images and comments to show why every day is worth living. The following year, for World Suicide Prevention Day 2015, the MTL team launched #attemptlife, encouraging those who are suffering to share videos of themselves attempting life rather than suicide. The #attemptlife campaign, with support from the International Association for Suicide Prevention, has rolled up more than 10 million social media impressions so far. The 2016 launch of #worthliving continues this important work.

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