R/GA and The Ad Council Encourage Broad Voter Participation

Broad participation is the cornerstone of our democracy. R/GA worked with the Ad Council to support the launch of GoVoteBot, the first non-partisan messaging tool to answer any questions citizens may have about the voting process – from how to register, to checking registration, to finding information about poll locations and voting hours.

Developed in partnership with Reply.ai, a startup housed in R/GA's accelerator program, the Facebook Messenger chatbot answers any questions you, your family or friends may have about voting. Check it out here:


One of the barriers to voter registration is that people move. To combat this, ads will run on Facebook targeting users whose profiles indicate they've recently moved along with first-time voters and users in the younger age brackets.

The more people who are informed about voting, the stronger the process. The end goal is to raise awareness – not weigh in on a particular candidate.

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