About 90NORTH

90NORTH, its name derived from the coordinates for the north pole at which there is neither latitude nor longitude, uses proprietary software platforms that help clients set a new direction in healthcare.

As a software-based advisorship, 90NORTH has developed proprietary software platforms to partner with clients, solving complex business problems beyond communication and uncovering innovative areas for competitive advantage and growth.

We’re a diverse team of solution architects—social scientists, experience architects, medical experts, business strategists and creative technical designers who explore the innerworkings of problems and help clients visualize unexpected connections and make informed decisions that drive impact and growth. This can range from developing new clinical trial endpoints, to uncovering unique perspectives on patient profiling and dissecting the intention to adhere to medicine.

90NORTH has developed three proprietary platforms – Futurescape, Living Journeys, and Empathy Engine – to translate raw and unstructured data. An example of this is our Hate Audit, powered by the Empathy Engine, where we unearth love and hate moments surrounding a disease, brand or experience.

Utilizing real-world intelligence, we translate this data to actionable ‘So What’s’ and ‘What to Do’s’ which push boundaries, in turn changing the trajectory of health and creating new futures for brands and portfolios.


New York


100 West 33rd Street
New York City, NY 10001
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