FCBVIO has been 100% committed to clinical trial recruitment for over 10 years. We can help you achieve your enrollment goals with broad therapeutic expertise and global experience in more than 50 countries.

FCBVIO provides a unique combination of data-driven recruitment planning and human-driven recruitment troubleshooting and optimization. In planning our recruitment efforts, we are able to leverage both public and proprietary datasets to find patients and their managing clinicians, as well as gain a robust understanding of them. This allows us to nimbly target even previously untapped pools of patients with outreach that speaks to their interests and concerns.

Tapping into highly talented copy and medical writers and award-winning creative/design teams sets our bar high for the development of engaging patient- and HCP-focused recruitment and retention materials.

To troubleshoot and optimize recruitment at the site level, we leverage the deep trial experience of our FCBVIO account and trial strategy teams. These team members have experience in all areas of clinical trials, including site staff, Sponsor, CRO, and marketing. This experience both lends them credibility when working with sites, yielding honest answers about site-level challenges, as well as a deep well of experience to draw on when constructing unique solutions to these challenges.



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