About Mosaic Group

Mosaic Group is a full-service healthcare communications agency that specializes in helping brands achieve targeted market access and reimbursement objectives. We drive results for brands by combining innovative payer strategy with on-point creative.

Our passion is delivering comprehensive solutions that address the needs of brands in the dynamic and ever-changing healthcare environment. The Mosaic Group possesses a unique combination of payer marketing expertise, fresh and innovative thinking, and applies brand-loyal creativity to engage and activate even the most challenging of payer target audiences.

At Mosaic, we analyze the market landscape for actionable insights and opportunities using proprietary research and analytics. We also conduct formulary assessments, Payer KOL influence mapping, and account segmentation to inform payer-focused communication strategies.

Our core competencies include development of payer value propositions, targeted pull-through initiatives, and design of an array of programs tailored for payers to increase efficiencies (e.g., disease state and quality). In addition, we routinely develop and advise on value-added patient and provider education tools, along with sales force and account manager tools and training around access and reimbursement.

From initial engagement to full implementation, expect the Mosaic Group to bring results-driven strategic and tactical communications all along the way to address your brands’ access and reimbursement challenges today.


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