2023 Digital Communication Outlook

08 February 2023


In 2023, practitioners around the world are balancing two realities. Economic uncertainty persists and professionals in PR, social media, and related fields are under increased scrutiny for delivering results amid budget cuts and workforce slimming. But despite these headwinds, something else is happening. Technology, societal shifts and evolving online behaviors of audiences across the globe are creating new opportunities to do the best work of our lives.

Golin’s 2023 Outlook outlines numerous trends and the forces impacting brands and the people they seek to engage. It is curated by experts from Golin’s global network including digital strategists, creatives, data scientists, technologists, influencer and youth marketing specialists, social purpose pros, reputation protectors, community builders and others who support clients on many continents.

A wide range of topics are covered:  

  • The Social Commerce Catch-Up
  • Get This First-Party Started
  • AI, Our New Creative Collaborator
  • Creative’s Secret Weapon
  • Meet the New Makers
  • A Death, Greatly Exaggerated
  • Battle Royale: Google vs. Social Search
  • “Metaverse” is Too Meta: How Brands Get Immersive in 2023
  • Digital Wallets, the New Frontier of Engagement
  • Bringing Work Selves to Social
  • Subcultures: The New Mainstream
  • Activism, Accelerated

In each section, Golin experts explain what’s happening and share actions to seize opportunities that exist and make an impact, including practical applications of artificial intelligence in creative endeavors, the use of first-party data in earned media and social, the rise of a different class of influencers, the evolution of social commerce, and nearer-term alternatives for metaverse ambitions.

2023 might not be easy, but it remains a year full of potential. As we learned during the initial wave of the pandemic, challenges often usher in periods of remarkable innovation as brands and those who support them are forced to reevaluate strategies, adapt, and embrace new and often better ways of working to enhance results.

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