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It’s never been easier to launch a commerce channel and never been harder to succeed with a commerce business. Customer expectations continue to grow because digital creates a fluidity of experiences across industries and categories. They (and we) expect the best experiences everywhere, regardless of a brand’s competitive set. This creates a growing tension for brands as it can be costly and complex to meet those growing expectations.

It’s time to throw away the rules and beliefs that got us here – there needs to be a new approach for marketers to catapult to commerce success. Drawing upon our deep commerce expertise from across the IPG network, we deliver a seamlessly connected “Total Commerce” solution that focuses on four elements for successful commerce.

Creative Commerce

Growing market share through innovative creative within and for commerce channels.

Your brand and products are unique, yet all of your competitors feel the same way about their own products. With everyone applying “best practices,” it can be tough to stand out. Plus, it’s never been easier for a competitor to launch a brand or product, which means the crowded market will only get more crowded. This is why organizations need to break down silos and bring brand and creative teams into the fold to drive innovation within, and for, commerce channels.

Unified Commerce

Optimizing ROI by orchestrating demand to drive the right audiences to destinations at the right time.

Customers expect your brand to show up consistently wherever they are, including channels that you own and those you don’t, such as social commerce, aggregators and affiliates, wholesalers, retailers, and marketplaces. The number of channels where you must manage your brand continues to grow, even as market sizes stagnate. That requires orchestration of your marketing and media efforts to show up consistently and harmoniously while also optimizing spend intelligently across activations.

Personal Commerce

Maximizing sales through experiences designed to empower customers to get what they want on their terms.

Shopping is not about what you’re selling. It’s about what your customers are buying. They expect you to reduce the friction to make it easier for them to get what they want, when and where they want it. Therefore, you must design with the customer in mind. And not just for a customer, but for all customers, to create an inclusive commerce experience. Listening intently to their wants, needs, and passions empowers them as individuals while helping them to make easy and confident decisions.

Connected Commerce

Enabling enterprise agility through a seamless ecosystem powered by data, intelligence, and automation.

Current systems, media activations, and creativity are often anchored to simple upgrades of yesterday’s mono-channel ideas, severely damaging profitability and longer-term business viability. This is why your customer-facing experiences, underlying architecture, and supporting operating model must be designed to create a seamless ecosystem that dynamically adapts to real-time signals from customers, competitors, and markets. This enables you to evolve with customer expectations and adapt to market disruptions and opportunities.

Who We Are

We are a global team of 1,000+ thinkers, creators, designers and unicorns drawn from across the IPG network. We work collaboratively in a truly orchestrated way to bring the four elements of Total Commerce together, ensuring commerce success for our clients.

Getting Started

Knowing where to start with commerce can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. To help you get started with your own Total Commerce solution, here’s three “quick-start” tools we can activate today with a lightning-fast turnaround:

Rapid Audit

Finding new opportunities for growth in digital commerce through rapid assessment of owned and third-party channels.

Commerce Growth Accelerator

Identifying immediate pathways to growth through evaluation and optimization of commerce channel capabilities.

Enterprise Commerce Blueprint

Enabling growth through the design of Total Commerce ecosystems orchestrated via detailed and actionable blueprints.

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