Open Architecture

Open Architecture seamlessly connects and integrates the best IPG resources for our clients.

What is Open Architecture?

In simple terms, open architecture means we “open” up the power of IPG and our 50,000+ people to architect the right solution for a client.

Each Open Architecture solution is custom-built from the ground up to meet a client’s needs. Architects across business, strategy, data, creative and media are assigned to the team to ensure excellence, drive efficiencies and deliver game-changing creative work.

A fundamental belief of Open Architecture is the belief in people and unlocking their individual potential. We see people as our greatest asset, not as a commodity that can be traded from one place to another.

People look for a particular home (agency), because they’re searching for a way to reach that potential. The best way for them to do that is to find a place where they’re comfortable, valued and can grow. And we have a collection of some of the most awarded homes in the industry.  Because these homes and cultures value the diversity of thought, creativity, and human potential, and allow creative technologists to soar, innovators to create, and brand builders to launch brands in today’s culture.

Open Architecture brings together a world-class multidisciplinary team, tailored to your needs, committed to clients success, creating and collaborating on a client’s behalf.  It’s talented people from all over the world forming a single working model that drives a client’s business forward today and tomorrow.