Built on Values, Fueled by Data and Driven by Creativity.

Our Values

Amid the significant changes taking place in our industry and the environment in which we operate, the excellence of our people continues to drive our success. Our inclusive culture helps us retain and develop the world’s best people, who in turn form better teams to help solve the complex and creative challenges facing marketers in a fast-changing world.

We view environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues as value creators for a people-driven industry like ours. This begins with our commitment to ethical, transparent behavior at all levels. We encourage a culture of equity, respect and trust throughout our entire organization. IPG has a well-established reputation of addressing ethical issues when they arise, and we continue to encourage employees to step forward and report behavior that runs counter to our values.

We are committed to creating workplaces that are free from harassment and harmful behaviors that degrade and limit potential. Our commitment to the long-term health of communities around the world is also an important part of our DNA and has been critical to our continued success.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our goal is to be one of the world’s most diverse and inclusive companies.

We are committed to developing the “Diversity IQ” required to solve problems and work together as allies and upstanders to build an organization where all our colleagues find opportunities for growth, well-being and belonging.

We approach diversity and inclusion in a systematic and structured manner. We believe this is the only way to achieve the lasting culture change that we seek across our organization and to drive long-term, sustainable value for our employees, clients, shareholders and business partners.

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Sustainability and Purpose

Interpublic is committed to operating sustainably.

To us, this means measuring our carbon footprint and working toward limiting that footprint; respecting and encouraging diversity; being a good corporate citizen of the world; and being a values-driven company that takes a stand.

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People are our most valuable asset.

Each one of us has expectations, memories, stories,and relationships. We celebrate this diversity daily—inside and out. It’s because we know that this varied family of personalities, cultures, talents and beliefs makes us great.

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