Gamer Perceptions and Myths

10 October 2023



To help unravel the ever-evolving world of gaming, FRUKT has enlisted influencer, activist, and gaming champion Stephanie “missharvey” Harvey as a contributor and guest editor of “The CONVO.” As a five-time world champion in competitive Counter-Strike, she is not only a pioneering trailblazer in the world of female esports, but is also a former Ubisoft game designer, a brand ambassador for the Gucci Gaming Academy, and a vocal advocate for a more inclusive gaming landscape.

In The CONVO, FRUKT aims to challenge broader myths around gamer perception, provide brands with unique ways to break into the space effectively, and showcase the new trends, talent, events, and industry changes to watch. Additionally, the publication features contributions on the future of gaming and esports from industry leaders at Riot Games, G2 Esports, Excel Esports, Galaxy Racer, ESL FACIT Group, and Meltdown Esports Bars.

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