interpublic group is headquartered in nyc, with corporate offices in the u.s. and europe.


New York
909 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10022
United States
Phone (212) 704-1200

investor & financial information

Requests for one-on-one meetings, investor conferences and general financial information, should be addressed to our Investors Relations Group.

Investor Relations
Visit Investor Relations

prospective clients

If your company is looking for a partner to work on marketing programs, please contact our business development group.

Simon Bond
Phone: 212-704-1420


If you have other questions, please contact Tom Cunningham, in our Corporate Communications group.

Tom Cunningham
Phone: (212) 704-1326

employee verification number

Requests for employee verification should be addressed by calling (888) 474-8778, Option #4.

supplier diversity

We actively seek out and provide opportunities for qualified, reliable, diverse business owners.

Visit Our Supplier Diversity Site