‘A Prompt for Ukraine’ by Performance Art and the Humanitarian Coalition

24 February 2023



To mark the somber one-year anniversary of the war in Ukraine, the Humanitarian Coalition launched “A Prompt for Ukraine,” a simple yet jarring campaign that prompts the world to remember why Ukraine still needs our support.

From creative data agency Performance Art, the campaign relies on the fact that ChatGPT’s AI language model was trained exclusively on data that predates September 2021 — and thus has no knowledge of the war in Ukraine.

Equipped with this insight, “A Prompt for Ukraine” features a 90-second video that depicts a conversation with a ChatGPT-like AI, in which a series of prompts ask the chatbot to describe various details about Ukraine. The unexpected responses describe some of Ukraine’s most war-torn locations — such as the Irpin Bridge and the city of Mariupol — in a way that clearly demonstrates its lack of awareness of the events of the past year. Conveying a powerful message of how war has transformed Ukraine, the video finishes by prompting viewers to donate to the Humanitarian Coalition and be a part of making a difference.

The video launched across digital and social media platforms and is supported by the hashtag #APromptForUkraine.

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