Acxiom Honored for Best Inclusive Communications

07 January 2021



Acxiom and the United Nations Refugee Agency, UNHCR, were recognized with a Selligent Award for “Best Inclusive Communications” for their work this year on a charity campaign during Ramadan. Selligent Marketing Cloud is an omnichannel marketing platform, with a mission to make marketing personal. The Selligent Awards are an annual showcase of the most impactful and outstanding marketing campaigns conducted by Selligent clients.

Acxiom’s analytics, strategy and campaign management capabilities powered the campaign which encouraged one of the most successful donation periods during Ramadan for the UN agency.

The UNHCR is a global organization that works to protect the rights of and build a better future for refugees and forcibly displaced communities around the world. The campaign “Every Gift Counts,” helped raise funds for the most vulnerable refugees and internally displaced people. It was launched on the occasion of Ramadan, known as “the month of giving.”

Telling the personal journeys and stories of those displaced from countries including Yemen, Syria, Jordan and Bangladesh, was integral to the campaign. Acxiom was involved from the very early stages of planning, advising on how to improve UNCHR’s activity in the Middle East and North Africa region. To drive higher engagement for the campaign, Acxiom provided:

  • Personalized and customized Selligent campaign journeys for prospective donors, as well as elements like countdown timers and social media retargeting
  • 79 separate demographic segments created and leveraged, utilizing techniques like personalized subject lines and previous donation records

Hussein Fakih, Private Sector Partnerships Officer at the UNCHR MENA Digital Hub in Beirut, said “Like so many other initiatives this year, charitable giving has experienced unprecedented challenges due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Traditional ways of reaching supporters have been unable to take place, with many people themselves facing financial challenges.

“Working with Acxiom has confirmed that tailored campaigning segmenting, and constantly adjusting in response to feedback creates the environment for success. We’ve been thrilled with the performance of the campaign and the Selligent Award in recognition of the impact that this campaign has had on the lives of thousands of refugees and internally displaced people.”

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