Agua Zalva and MullenLowe SSP3 Raise Environmental Awareness through Children’s Books

05 November 2021


MullenLowe SSP3 and Zalva, Bavaria’s purified water brand, created a collection of bedtime storybooks to educate children about the real monsters that haunt the paramo. Paramos, ecosystems that develop above Andean forests, are the main water source in Colombia, a country that owns half the paramos in the world. Unfortunately, paramos are in danger because of the “monsters” who ignore the wellbeing of the environment.

Deforestation, poaching, and global warming are only some of the main problems that were personified into monsters. Zalva hopes to raise awareness through the books about the issues threatening the most important water reserve in South America, and create solutions for them.

This storybook collection won’t be available for sale, but limited copies will be given to libraries, reading networks, and independent bookstores to provide free and broad access to them. The stories will also be narrated on Agua Zalva’s Spotify channel and website.