Arts Emergency and FCB Inferno Work to Remove Elitism from the Arts

25 October 2021


FCB Inferno partnered with celebrities as well as other creative companies and universities around the UK to raise awareness for #BreakTheGlass. The campaign, created by award-winning mentoring charity and support network Arts Emergency, calls on creative industries to help open the doors for marginalized young people struggling to break into the arts, recognizing that class, ethnicity and disability are still major barriers to young people gaining entry to the creative industries, and that the pandemic has heightened gaping inequalities in the creative pipeline.

A giant “Break in Case of Arts Emergency” box, featuring devastating statistics on the state of the UK creative workforce, was placed outside venues around the UK to raise awareness of the barriers that young people face in entering creative industries, and the disastrous impact losing a generation of young talent will have on UK culture.

The box also displayed examples of creative work from some of Arts Emergency’s young talent, with accompanying text calling for viewers to help “break the glass” by joining Arts Emergency. The launch campaign includes press ads and a series of short social documentaries to support the launch.

The campaign aims to actively remove elitism and nepotism in the creative industries, and instead create diversity in race, gender, class and age, looking not only at equity, but also at improving the work.

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