Burger King and FCB New York Launch ‘Stay Home of the Whopper’

10 April 2020


Burger King and FCB New York launched “Stay Home of the Whopper” to show support for healthcare professionals and encourage people to stay home during the COVID-19 crisis. During these difficult and uncertain times, BK and FCB salute those who are staying indoors, social distancing and abiding by CDC guidelines to help mitigate the spread of the virus. BK references the term “couch pota-triots” for those “heroes” who are doing their part to save their community by having their food delivered instead of venturing outside.

To do its part, BK wants to help make the choice of staying home even easier. Starting on 4/9, BK is waiving all delivery fees on orders over $10 through its mobile app, to inspire people to “do the least [they] can for [their] country.” BK also believes that everyone should do their part to remain home, so that the real heroes out there – healthcare professionals – can do theirs. As such, BK and FCB are helping healthcare workers (who don’t have the option to quarantine at home) by giving away 250,000 Whopper Sandwiches to nurses through the American Nurses Foundation (ANF). ANF will distribute codes for nurses to order Whopper Sandwiches for free through the BK mobile app.

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