Cappuccino and UNESCO Utilize AI to Combat Elder Abuse in Brazil

30 June 2023

Based on insights from a disturbing surge in elder abuse reports in Brazil — 97,000 in 2022 and 47,000 in Q1 2023 — Cappuccino and UNESCO have launched a poignant campaign “Is this how you see me?” Utilizing AI to shed light on an often unnoticed issue, the campaign juxtaposes the prevailing idealization of old age with the harsh reality faced by a significant portion of the population.

With the goal of raising awareness about elder abuse, the campaign features three films accompanied by the hashtag #AgingWithoutViolence, aiming to mobilize society into action and amplify the statistics on violence against the elderly in Brazil.

Launched on June 15th, coinciding with World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, the campaign has garnered significant support, including from the Ministry of Human Rights and Citizenship, and was unveiled during a congressional event. Since its launch, the campaign has been featured on prestigious TV news networks in Brazil, including SPTV from Globo, the largest channel in the country. Beyond media recognition, the campaign has prompted Brazil’s Federal Government to take action, resulting in impactful changes including the establishment of a specialized helpline with dedicated attendants to report and combat violence against elderly people in Brazil.