Carmichael Lynch and OpenTable Encourage a Phone-Free Mother’s Day

19 May 2019


Eighty-five percent of us check our phones while we’re out having a meal. Those numbers looked like an opportunity to tell a good story — while also reminding people to pay attention to their moms — to OpenTable, the world’s largest reservation booking portal.

Our new work for the brand, called #DiningMode, encourages people to celebrate Mother’s Day free from our phones. We created two pieces of content to run on digital and social platforms. The first is a long-form video that riffs on the you-think-you-know-me style of quiz shows to highlight all the things we still might not know about the person who knew us first. The second, “Mom, Interrupted” hits on the fact that every alert, notification, etc. distracting us is a missed opportunity to listen and learn something new about our mom on her special day.

The campaign is being featured on the landing hub on OpenTable’s website and app and running on digital and social platforms.

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